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Colorado Celebration of African American Arts and Culture

Origins 2016

  1:30    Dancing For My Heart

  1:45     Dancing For My Heart

  2:00     Ron King

  2:15     Shields of Faith Gospel Jazz Band

  2:30     Doretta Tootle

  2:45     Ronnie White

  3:00     Voices of Triumph

  3:15     David Johnson/Kelly Jones

  3:30     Stella Henderson Thompson

  3:45     Edna Robinson & Favored

  4:00     Nathaniel Black

  4:15     Lagressa Munnerlyn

  4:30     Dr. Michael Williams & Eternal Life

  4:45     Dr. Michael Williams & Eternal Life

12:30     Dancing For My Heart

12:45     Dancing For My Heart

  1:00     Old Time Medley/Worship

  1:15     Vee Law

  1:30     In His Presence Dance Ministry (Amber Adams)

  1:45     Mary Louise Lee

  2:00     Anchor of Hope

  2:15     Melanie Robinson

  2:30     Opheal Bordeaux

  2:45     Olivia Joi (Robinson)

  3:00     Rico Wint

  3:15     Lavonnie Woodberry

  3:30     John Austin

  3:45     Melody Prentice

  4:00     Untamed Worship

  4:15     Untamed Worship

  4:30     Rev. Haywood Hobbs & Our Fathers Children

  4:45     Rev. Haywood Hobbs & Our Fathers Children



The F. Cosmo Harris Gospel Stage is a popular Festival venue that allows the audience to witness the tradition and art of gospel music. The festival theme “Rock Steady” is truly exemplified on this stage where self-interpretation is the expected in African American gospel music. Saturday’s stage will feature a tribute to Denver's media legend, F. Cosmo Harris, for whom the Gospel Stage is named, musical education on gospel music through history, and a Gospel Theatre presentation.

                                      The F. Cosmo Harris Gospel Stage