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Colorado Celebration of African American Arts and Culture

Origins 2016

    The ORIGINal Village: A Collaboration with  Colorado Urban Naturals and The Children's Pavilion


Kids and Cultural

Kids African Drums and Dance Classes

Joseph Brady Tai Chi and Drums

Dolls: Our Children's Hair, Fashion, & Imaging from the Natural Hair Pavilion

Masks: Arts and Crafts from the Children's Pavilion

Kinetic Culinary Creations: "Hands & Bodies On" Food Demos using The Blender Bike


The Call:  Processional from Parade to the Village

Opening Drum Circle

ORIGINal Hair and Fashion throughout the day from Urban Naturals Hair Pavilion and Children's Pavilion

2p Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Children's Ensemble

The One Body Experience

Denver Drum and Dance

Classes: Drums and the "Afro-slide"

Kim Farmer - Mile High Fitness

Kinetic Culinary Creations on the Blender Bike

Bella Diva Dance 

Ron Springer- Akente Express

Salim (Drum) & Mecca (Dance)



Kinetic Culinary Creations on the Blender Bike

ORIGINal Hair and Fashion throughout the day from Urban Naturals Hair Pavilion and Children's Pavilion

Bing Lee Tai Chi Students

3p Baba Joda Tribute

5p Awards Ceremony at the Kuumba Stage

Return to Village for "Thunderous ORIGINS: Closing Drum and Dance Circle                                                             

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       Come see and feel the world with us. Origins 2016

                                            The Joda Village Compound

The Joda Village Compound (sponsored in part by 9News) is a setting reminiscent of a small Nigerian village. This venue was named in honor of Mr. Adetunji Joda- teacher, master drummer and dancer who taught traditional Nigerian African Dance and Drum in Denver for more than 40 years. The Joda Village showcases creative interpretations of capoeira, Caribbean and African dance, spoken word, African roots music, and African drumming. Come check out the flavor of Africa!

Come see and feel the world with us. Origins 2016