​​The Joda Village Stage and Compound was named in honor of Mr. Adetunji Joda- teacher, master drummer and dancer who taught traditional Nigerian African Dance and Drum in Denver for more than 40 years. The Joda Village Stage showcases creative interpretations of Brazilian, Caribbean and African drum and dance, spoken word, African roots music, and Reggae.  Demonstrations in West African drum and dance Capoeira will be given in Joda Village.  A beautiful short play “African Stories and Folklore” will be presented by Baba Ken Grimes and special guest. 

Joda Village Stage and Compound Performances and Presentations

                                                FRIDAY, July 7th

Opening Ceremony 12:00 P.M.


Drums and Dance, Libation Short play, “African Stories and Folklore” by Baba Ken Grimes and special guests

Art In Motion Intergenerational African Dance Classes Taught by:

Senaku Donald
Yazmeen Nkrumah - Elie
Monica James

Art In Motion Children's Drumming Classes Taught by:

Salim Ajanku, Arts Culture Education:

Stephan Olufemi Griffin
Troy Watley

Art In Motion Drum Circle Class Demonstrations

Circle of Discussion "The Art of Unity in Motion" featuring:

Shop Talk with Theo Wilson, Greg Allen, African Leadership Group (ALG), African & African American, and Community At Large

                                               SATURDAY, July 8th

Processional from Boogaloo Celebration Parade (11:30 A.M.) to Joda Village featuring:

Drums of Thunder
Montbello Barbers

An Awakening Beauty Bar

IWADE Intergenerational Women's African Dance Ensemble

Sheldon Johnson Band (Reggae)

King Salim Ajanku and Creative Strategies for Change

Art In Motion: Braiding and Barbering Demonstrations

Chops and The Perpetrators

                                    SUNDAY, July 9th - starting at 10:00 A.M.

Drums of Thunder

Chops and The Perpetrators

African Art In Motion Hair Showcase featuring:
An Awakening Beauty Bar
Montbello Barbers

Sheldon Johnson Band Reggae

King Salim Ajanku and Creative Strategies for Change

Capoeira Demonstrations

 Art In Motion Drum Circle (Closing Ceremony)

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The Joda Village Stage and Compound